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comment to be added.

well, it says that but there's really nothing you're missing. i rarely have personal posts.
you'd have a better chance of getting to know me via MSN/AIM cause i am a horribly inconsistent f-list person.
i have mentioned that my fandoms change a lot right? please check if we have stuff in common. profile.
if you are here for fandom related stuff like fic & graphics, navigate the tags.
if you are un-adding me please tell me so i can remove you too.
have a good day.

i am on hiatus right now.
 actually. im back. kinda.
SHINee: jjong came

my lj is very much dead

hey peeps. my tumblr is up and kicking but that's besides the point.

im well aware that no one will read this but. im still trying to get out of this writer's block.
i asked for inspiration last time to little avail.
here's a more specific request geared towards the fandom areas.
point me to good fanfic writers please. leave a link to a journal with superb writing. style, word choice, sentence structure, feeling. or just a link to a specific story will do.some smut is appreciated because i've totally forgotten how to write that shit.

i do remember one journal. dbsk fandom. a story with breaking up and post it notes reminding, put in obscure places, specifically an umbrella. and then another with paper planes? anyways it was a lot of good angst.

so please, help me. send me some good writing.
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blogcrew: i do

if you're asking if i'll stay with you
the answer is FOREVER
if you're asking if i'll leave you
the answer is NEVER
if you're asking if i love you
the answer is I DO

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SHINee: jjong came

blogcrew: bubble bath

I saw
taking a bubble bath

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SHINee: jjong came

blogcrew: on and on.

you're my melody
soundtrack of my life
i'll sing you on and on ~♪
I'll sing it on and on ~
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